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MOPs Testing Playbook

Why is testing so important?

Organized, institutional testing is an imperative when running a steady, scalable martech stack. As your stack continues to grow, it’s important to stabilize and vett your ecosystem. Ensuring you’re starting from a stable foundation makes shoring up gaps with new implementation far easier to manage. Testing also offers time-starved marketing operations staffers a chance to get ahead of a problem before it impacts revenue generation.

What should you be testing?

  • Preference centers
  • Lead generation forms on websites
  • Evergreen Assets
    • nurture email links
    • links to downloadable assets
  • Scripts firing on your high value pages
  • Metadata on critical pages
  • Website links

Business Impact
Having a broken preference center can have long-term impact on your organization. Here are some potential ramifications: 

  • Legal issues around GDPR compliance 
  • Higher unsubscribe rates
  • Leads not receiving content they have shown interest in
  • Lost revenue from lost opportunities for touchpoints

Why does it get missed?
With many marketing automation programs the “Preference Center” is built and managed internally. Everything is based off field values and smart lists. Failing to take customer preferences into account is easy to do if you haven’t tested that all your fields are being stamped, your leads are running through workflows in the correct order, and everything is syncing correctly to your CRM on the right fields. And don't forget to use the filters.