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Website Migration Checklist

Any time you do a major website overhaul the potential to devastate your organic search traffic is huge. Even if you're working with a trusted agency partner, it's important to validate and review with the go-live team. Forgetting links or redirects can create a negative brand experience for prospects and customers that makes your company look unprofessional. And if your hard fought SEO is tanked, it will take a long time to rebuild it.

This checklist will help you oversee a complicated website migration and ensure you don't miss an important step.

Critical system checks to test:

  • DNS Records
  • Metadata & OG Tags
  • Pixels & Tags
  • Integrations

What goes wrong?

As websites become more complex, many teams find migrations overwhelming. At some point they draw a line in the sand and say they won't migrate any more old pages. But often times, those older pages have a ton of organic search authority. Skipping that content dings your domain authority.