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MAP Health Check

Whether you've just inherited a new instance, or have been running your infrastructure for many years, it is good to routinely double check your system health to ensure everything is running smoothly. As processes evolve, legacy systems are often forgotten because they operate in the background. But challenges could be creeping in.

This workbook will help you quickly diagnose whether hidden challenges complicate your lead flow and where to prioritize efforts for improvement.

Critical configurations and processes:

  • DKIM & SPF
  • CNAMEs & Branding Links
  • Blacklists & Preference Centers
  • Systems Sync
  • API Limits
  • Lead Lifecycle

What goes wrong?

As systems scale, more and more people are involved which opens up more potential for error. Download the workbook to check the health of your marketing automation platform.


Skip the Work

Here's a shortcut to success thanks to Stack Moxie's MAP Checklist. Within 30 seconds you know with certainty that basic systems configurations are correctly configured and operational. Here's a video to prove it.

Anyone can sign up for a free account to run your own MAP Checklist. Peace of mind in under a minute.